Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Environmental Impact Assessment?

EIA is an information gathering exercise which follows a prescribed, well established methodology carried out by the developer and which enables a local planning authority to understand the environmental effects of a development before deciding whether it should go ahead. The EIA is significant because it puts emphasis on using  objective information, and it requires developers to compile information in a systematic, holistic and robust way. In theory, a properly researched and objective EIA submission should allow the whole community to properly understand the true impact of the proposed development.

Will Aclara use water from Penco estuaries?

No. Aclara will only use recycled water, no water from any estuaries will be used throughout our process. Furthermore, we will recirculate 95% of the water used in order to use as little water as possible.

How will Aclara look after the local fauna?

The company aims to set up a Reproduction Center for the Pudu species, given its vulnerable conservation status in the country. The center's research will contribute to a better knowledge of this species.

In addition to this, the species identified in the project area will be subject to strict rescue plans, to be relocated in areas with the same characteristics as those of their original habitats.

How will the project affect the community?

We estimate that the Penco Module will generate more than 2,000 jobs through job creation and additional services employed during the project’s lifetime.

Within our Voluntary Environmental Commitments, we will consider a Local Labor Recruitment Plan, where positions will be filled by Penco and Concepcion locals.

Has the community had a chance to share their opinions about the project?

Since 2020, Aclara has discussed the project with over 100 organizations from Penco and Concepcion. More than 200 community representatives have participated, and over 1,500 questions from the community have been answered during the first workshops. Additionally, we have participated in over 25 site visits to educate the community about our project. Open Houses were held in March 2023 to invite community members to learn about the project and share their questions and comments.

How much water will the project use?

At Aclara, we use water efficiently. We will process rare earths through a closed circuit that reuses up to 95% of the water source. This process will not generate industrial waste liquids. Our operation guarantees the availability and responsible use of water resources through supply and management controls. We calculate approximately 11.7 m3/h of fresh water use at the processing plant.