Environmental Impact Assessment

‍On April 28, 2023 the Company announced the submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Penco Module project. The new EIA includes represents a major milestone for the Company’s overall strategy and objectives including targeting to put the Project into production in early 2026.

Building on the technical studies carried out and community feedback received by the company, the EIA includes the following highlights:

· New environmental baseline studies including evidence confirming the absence of an adverse impact on the preservation of the native Queule and Pitao species and their habitat

· Details of a fulsome pre-feasibility engineering study of the Project developed for the EIA  

· The use of recycled water for 100% of the estimated water requirements of the Project

· The commitment to revegetate over 200 hectares of land with native species that will be donated to a local Chilean foundation for the benefit of the local communities

· The commitment to build a Pudu reproduction center

· The commitment to create a recreational park for the Penco community

· Over two thousand direct and indirect jobs are expected to result from the construction and operation of the Project

Read the announcement here

Download our EIA here