Community Relations

At Aclara we feel part of Biobío. From an early stage we have been actively linked to the regional development ecosystem, with the desire to turn the area into a center of scientific development in the field of rare earths.

We are developing our project with a collaborative approach, co-designing and finding a shared value with the Penco community and the region.

Aclara has taken the following steps in an action plan to engage and build relationships with local stakeholders and authorities:

- 100% recycled water: Our process will only use water from a recycled source. After the community uses fresh water, it will be processed by the city's water utility company and acquired by Aclara, instead of being disposed in the ocean. In this way, Aclara does not take any fresh water that would be used by the community. What is more; our process will recirculate 95% of the water used to minimize its need for this precious resource.

- Training: Aclara has signed an agreement with the largest Higher Education Institution in Chile (“INACAP”) to train 20 Penco residents at a pilot plant that has been set by Aclara for its innovative mineral production process. This collaboration is a first step towards helping the community gain skilled workers and consequently, this training would result in a potential job at the company's future operations.

- Investing in human capital: Aclara is opening a Rare Earth Demonstration Center to show the operation of its proprietary process. To date, Aclara has hired more than 60 locals from Penco and surrounding cities who are training to work at the center.

- Open House and Community Workshops: Aclara held several Open Houses in March 2023, inviting the local community to learn more about the project, and to share their feedback on the design of the project. The objective is to gain sociocultural relevance for the Penco Module development.

- Local Reach Out: To date, Aclara has provided information to 7,750 homes in Penco and has contacted more than 85 organizations in the area, including neighborhood associations, religious communities, and NGOs.

- Support to victims of wildfires in Biobío in February-March 2023: Aclara supplied several cistern trucks to assist the work of firefighters and brigade members, and donated food for those who worked to extinguish the fire. At the same time, it joined the collection campaign led by the Regional Government, to deliver mattresses, hygiene products and food supplies for the affected families.