About Aclara

Aclara Resources, a heavy Rare Earths company with a development project in Chile and an exploration project in Brazil, was listed on the TSX (TSX:ARA) in 2021.

The company has developed an extraction process called Circular Mineral Harvesting, that no other mining company can claim to have: it uses no explosives, no crushing, no milling and it does not produce any liquid residues. No tailings dam is required in our process. Furthermore, this patented process uses only recycled water, and it recirculates ~95% of it, as well as 99% of its main reagent; a common fertilizer.

We will leave no hole in the ground, as we will return the clays we extract back into the pits, and 100% of the land impacted will be replanted with native species. What is more, our product will contain 0% radioactive elements.

Aclara aims to produce rare earths, critical elements for the fight against climate change, in a sustainable, traceable and green manner. Using a radically different way of extracting rare earths, we will revolutionize an industry famous for its negative impact to the planet, thus ensuring supply of scarce minerals that will make the fight against climate change possible. This project is possible thanks to numerous innovations developed by the joint efforts of the company and academia, including notable collaborations with the University of Toronto (Canada) and local academia in Chile.