Penco module

Our Pilot Plant: A Technical and Local Communications Success

Explore our unique process by watching a guided tour of our facility, along with a step by step overview provided by Ricardo Sepulveda, our Process Assistant Manager:

Watch a timelapse showing how our pilot plant was put together:

The Pilot Plant run from June to August 2023. The operation's workforce consisted of 60 local workers, 40% of whom were women. 

Success from the piloting operation shows that our patented Circular Mineral Harvesting process results in attractive recoveries of heavy rare earths, while minimizing the Penco Module's associated environmental footprint. Completion of this test work materially de-risks the metallurgical attributes of the Project.

Demonstrating the flowsheet and process design through the pilot plant facility has met the following objectives:

• Validating the closed-circuit flowsheet with a continuous operation at a semi-industrial scale

• Confirming the processing parameters and process flowsheet design for a future full-scale plant design

• Enhancing certain parameters and design of the process flowsheet to achieve higher efficiency and lower costs

• Generating a high purity HREE concentrate for separation trials in support of future off-take agreements

• Generating processed clays to confirm that they are chemically stable when returned to the field

• Confirming the amenability of the clays to support the revegetation of the reclaimed site through the reintroduction of native plant species

• Demonstrating to relevant stakeholders the environmental sustainability of the process design

Penco residents and local authorities visited our Pilot Plant. This is what they had to say: