Aclara Resources, a Rare Earths company with a development project in Chile, was listed on the TSX (TSX:ARA) in 2021.

The company has developed an extraction process called Circular Mineral Harvesting, that no other mining company can claim to have: it uses no explosives, no crushing, no milling and it does not produce any liquid residues. No tailings dam is required in our process. Furthermore, it recycles approximately 95% of the water used, as well as 99% of its main reagent; a common fertilizer.

We will leave no hole in the ground, as we will replenish the clays we extract back in the pits, and 100% of the land impacted will be revegetated with native species. What is more, our product will contain 0% radioactive elements.

Aclara will produce rare earths, critical elements for the fight against climate change, in a sustainable, traceable and green manner. Using a radically different way of extracting rare earths, we will revolutionize an industry famous for its negative impact to the planet, thus ensuring supply of scarce minerals that will make the fight against climate change possible. This project is possible thanks to numerous innovations developed by the joint efforts of the company and academia, with notable collaborations from the University of Toronto (Canada) and the University of Concepcion (Chile).

Ramón Barúa Costa
CEO & Director
Nelson Donoso
General Manager, Chile
Bonzi Yokomizo
General Manager, Brazil
Francois Motte Sauter
Barry Murphy
Max Larrain
General Counsel
Sebastián Rojas Tallarida
Sustainability Manager
Florencia Fernandez
Human Resources Manager
Fernando Illanes
Public Affairs Manager
Dr. Gisele Azimi
Technical Advisor
Ramón Barúa Costa
CEO & Director
Eduardo Hochschild
Maria Olivia Recart
Director and Chair of the Sustainability Committee of the Board
Catharine Farrow
Paul Adams
Jose Augusto Palma G.
Sanjay Sarma
Nicolas Hochschild
Joao Miranda
Jorge Born

A network of world-class researchers and consultants, both in Chile and abroad, collaborate closely with the Aclara team.

Some of these institutions are:

  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • ANSTO, Australia
  • Universidad de Chile
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Ausenco, Australia
  • Other international associations
World-class researchers and consultants in Chile and abroad, collaborate closely with the Aclara team including SGS, Ausenco, University of Toronto, University of Concepcion, Ansto